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TON Labs has rebranded to EverX!
the most trusted Everscale browser for DeFi and NFT
Everscale blockchain explorer
multi-platform command line interface to EVER OS
hardware wallet for Surf and more
Everscale solution to on-chain NFT
decentralized exchange on Everscale
validate transactions and commit new blocks to the blockchain through Proof-of-stake system
decentralized staking pools, which allow any token holder to participate in staking
run Everscale full node - endpoint for decentralized apps
our goal, mission, values and history
our people and culture
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find our latest updates
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access to blockchain infrastructure and rich API
Everscale Network
Development Environment
local blockchain for testing smart contracts and apps
multi-platform command line interface to EVER OS
decentralized chat-based user interfaces for smart-contracts
install all the core EverDev components in background and use them from a single interface
Everscale blockchain explorer
knowledge base of blockchain
Everscale solution to on-chain NFT
decentralized exchange on Everscale
Everscale solution to on-chain NFT
Entirely. It's not just a record of ownership for off-chain data. It's all on the blockchain
NFT complying to the TrueNFT standards will be easily accessible in Surf and Live
What can it do?
Designed to be usable by anyone, no matter how proficient with blockchain
Create, collect, buy and sell NFT
Store the actual NFT data on-chain
List NFT on easily searchable marketplaces
More features
All types of data
All you need to transfer an NFT is the recipient address and a small number of tokens to cover the fees
Easy transfers
Any type of data can become TrueNFT, and what size limits there are will be continuously expanded
The code is publicly available in the GitHub repository
More information about TrueNFT