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TON Labs has rebranded to EverX!
the most trusted Everscale browser for DeFi and NFT
Everscale blockchain explorer
multi-platform command line interface to EVER OS
hardware wallet for Surf and more
Everscale solution to on-chain NFT
decentralized exchange on Everscale
validate transactions and commit new blocks to the blockchain through Proof-of-stake system
decentralized staking pools, which allow any token holder to participate in staking
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multi-platform command line interface to EVER OS
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install all the core EverDev components in background and use them from a single interface
Everscale blockchain explorer
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Everscale solution to on-chain NFT
decentralized exchange on Everscale
Our mission
We are committed to building a truly decentralized internet that delivers security, trust, data ownership, censorship resistance and privacy.
We are dedicated to empowering global communities to explore, build and develop solutions and applications that will be easily accessible to everyone.
It is our conviction that such an approach will solve most of today’s economic and social issues.
December 2018
February 2019
July 2019
September 2019
EverX was launched in May of 2018 in order to develop a vertically integrated software stack for the Everscale Network.
TON virtual machine delivered
TON Labs launches the first EVER blockchain with proof of authority (PoA)
Launch of the alpha version of TON OS
TON OS startup edition goes public
TON Labs launches its own TON testnet
TON Labs participates in the community launch of the Free TON blockchain as the core developer
TON Surf launches
SDK 1.0.0 released
Validator Rust node released
November 2019
May 2020
September 2020
October 2020
November 2020
Everscale achieves world record high throughput
Free TON rebrands to Everscale
Migration to Rust network
TON Labs rebrands to EverX
Ever Surf reaches over 80M in TVL
August 2021
December 2021
December 2021
Februrary 2022
February 2022
Our goals

Our values
We aim to provide developer communities with a set of free software tools to build infrastructure and applications for optimal interaction with decentralized solutions.

We strive to facilitate the adoption of our technology and decentralized ecosystems that are based on it. Accordingly, all of the essential components of the EverX developer stack are available as open source.
We believe that decentralization will bring the necessary changes to the way the world is being run today.

All EverX's internal processes are predicated on a merit based system.

We believe that the principles of free software allow to effectively develop advanced, sustainable products and services that contribute to and benefit from the greater community.

EverX is fully committed to the privacy of user data and security of its software as a mandatory condition for success.